List of Evidence


Evidence A


Map/Noksha of Birkolosh mouza


Evidence B


Government SA katian


Evidence C


Hindu zamindar DP katian


Evidence D


Legitimate Deeds (X3) of Haji Ashkor Ali


Evidence E


Tax receipt


Evidence F


Mutation katian


Evidence G


Physical Location of my Claim


Evidence H


Sunamganj Police Report


Evidence I


Letter to Sunamganj police station


Evidence J


Transcript of pending lawsuit against the land grabbers (Bazaar Committee)


Evidence K


Transcript of lawsuit against Abdul Goni and Monor Ahmed


Evidence L


Registered Deed of Monor Ahmed


Evidence M


Application for Mutation Review filed by Monor Ahmed


Evidence N


‘Bonton Mamla’ – Transcript of current lawsuit against the Government and the original Hindu zamindar


Evidence O


Kwaz Ali Registered Deed(s)


Evidence P


Mutation Review filed by Kwaz Ali


Evidence Q


My brother’s (Dhon Miah) petition against Kwaz Ali’s Mutation Review


Evidence R


Lawsuit filed against Ruab Ali and his men


Evidence S


Initial ‘maat’ Forsa


Evidence T


Attested Forsa


Evidence V


Correspondence from Various Government Departments


Evidence W


List of current ocupiers


Evidence X


Forsa issued by Mizanur Rahman Buiya at ’30 dara’ hearing showing area recorded under our name


Evidence Y


Additions made to ’30 dara’ hearing forsa


Evidence Z


Vested Property Application